Matt Edgington Matt has been a Martial Arts instructor for over 18 years, and after starting Jiujitsu in 2010 he began developing drills to help improve his skills to train on his own. Since then his training videos have been enjoyed online by millions of viewers.

His goal is to develop solo training videos and to continue to inspire, teach, and train.

He has trained in Tae Kwon Do, Kickboxing, Judo, and currently a brown belt under Master Rigan Machado.

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Drills for BJJ Athletes

Drill 1:

​Drill 2:

Drill 3:

Drill 4:

Drill 5:

Drill 6:

Drill 7:

Drill 8:

Drill 9:

Drill 10:

Drill 11:

Drill 12:

Drill 13:

Drill 14:

Drill 15:

Drill 16:

Drill 17:

Drill 18: