BJJ After 40 reviews GRIPP TāP

"I have been wearing and recommending your grip tap finger protectors for several months now. Such an excellent product and by far the greatest innovation in the bjj gear world mainly because they actually work!"

Professor David Stegman
Ballard Jiu-Jitsu

"Special thanks all the way from #AbuDhabi to @lutagearofficial for this masterpiece. Very good finger support I rarely notice the pain that I usually feel during my fights. Thank u again for creating this piece to support all Jiu Jitsu fighters all around the world OSS."

Ahmed Alyafaie
Alwahda Jiu Jitsu Team

"Check out Luta Gear Inc for all your finger issues!!! I'm old, my hands are jacked, and I've been buying boxes of tape on Amazon for years until now...Thx Luta for the support."

John Cabay
Jiu Jitsu Fighter

"The older I get the more I come to appreciate my braces and sleeves. Including my newest ones, these finger sleeves from Luta Gear Inc. Not only are the products great but so are the people who make them! Thanks guys!"

Mike L. Bushby
One Combat Academy

"After wearing your product in BJJ, I'm totally convinced it works great!! Thank you!"

Peter Greensberg
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Fighter